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"Everyone in this battle of benzo withdrawal thinks that their story is different, or they are so damaged and injured they will never heal, boy I sure did. November of 2022 I thought my amazing life that I had worked hard all these years to have was ending. I was in acute withdrawal and just trying to survive, and at times I was convinced I would not survive. One night while battling insomnia I went onto my first benzo forum and after just five minutes in there I was so scared. In this forum were people discussing how their life was over. I told myself this was the first and last time I will ever visit another forum; I have kept this promise. I came across one of Davids youtube videos when searching for benzo success stories. I was hooked and started watching his videos, I bought his book, and started practicing his teachings. My recovery was catapulted when David started the Benzo Recovery School. I have been a student in this recovery school since July. My hope has been restored and I am healing everyday. I am also living each day knowing that I will heal and make a full recovery. I am still tapering and having tuff days, however, I now have the tools needed to get through those tuff days. This school with the courses, positive support, weekly Zoom call with David and the other students has been a game changer in my recovery. Davids model to benzo recovery is what should be practiced in the benzo community. I will not just lay and pray that hopefully I will heal. I am committed to my recovery and I will heal and make a full recovery."          -Jimmy B

Alexa Young, CA

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