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Coach Powers is a benzodiazepine recovery coach providing assessment, education, support, and recovery coaching to those suffering from benzo dependence withdrawal. Powers, himself, fought his way back to full health after a 10-year dependence on a high dose of Valium.


Powers is a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and runs the Benzo Recovery School (, a positive-focused Benzo recovery community with a multi-module video course on recovery, plus weekly 3-hour live meetings where Powers provides lessons and takes Q&A from students.  

Powers Coaching focuses on several dimensions of Benzo Recovery, which align with his two core principles: "lulling" & "pushing." 

His coaching style is informed by CBT, DBT, & Mindfulness Training. 

Powers also works as an artist and filmmaker. 


A.S. Majored in Biology & Art (South Florida State College 2010)

B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies (Hodges University 2011)

M.S. Clinical Psychology *Honors (Walden University 2016)

Ph.D Clinical Psychology *Honors (Walden University - current)

* Postdoc training in Beckian CBT, RF-CBT, 
Mindfulness & Easter Religion 

& Jungian Psychology 

POWERS: About Me
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