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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

I whole heartedly know that coming across David and his program was divine timing. 

I am someone who has always been prone to anxiety since I was old enough to talk. I had been prescribed Benzodiazepines on and off for years and had not had any problems abruptly stopping the meds up until about a year ago. I was prescribed a different Benzo with a longer half life, and because I was on it daily for a year, stopping when I felt I did not need it anymore was a very torturous experience when attempting to quit Cold Turkey more than once on my own. I found David quite by accident while researching the best way to get myself off that medication. It had turned me into a Physical Addict, even though I had taken the drug as prescribed and in good faith.


As of today I am completely Benzo free for 4 months! David’s program is easy to understand, and reading his book, and the phone appointments I booked with him have been the most imperative steps I have taken to recover. When much of the world was closed for business for awhile, I had David and his program and wholly know now that without his guidance my recovery would not have been so successful. David has vast experience in the trials and tribulations of Benzo Recovery, and his compassionate and down to earth approach is so comforting. 

I am a stronger and more educated person for having done his program. I have even shared his book with family and friends to give them a different and better perspective on what I have gone through. I had spoken with other Addiction Specialists in the past, and I can’t say enough how David’s program is the most practical and uplifting! 
Thank You David Powers! 

Raevin L. Manning

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