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The Powers Manual is an essential guide for understanding Benzodiazepine withdrawal and recovery. It uses cognitive-behavioral techniques that have shown to be effective in treating anxiety disorders, depression, and withdrawal. 

This guide differs from similar literature, not only in the presentation but also in the author who presents the material. David Powers, a doctoral clinical psychology student, is also one of the many to have personally experienced the misery of Benzo withdrawal and so has a first-hand understanding of the experience.

After his own ordeal with the drug and its aftermath, this author felt very passionate in creating the kind of comprehensive withdrawal and recovery guide that would cover everything from drug tapering and symptom management, to treating the pre-existing condition, while also giving the reader a portrait of what life can look like after benzo.

In this manual, David has successfully delivered this information and guidance, as well as an intense hope and faith in life after addiction.

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